Monday, June 30, 2014


Remember my last post for the Thin Crust Pizza Crust?  Well, this is basically the same recipe, except I didn't bake it as long and I added some seasonings to make it more "Mexican flavor."  I was thinking of my pizza crust, deciding how to use my leftover taco meat and wondering if my pizza crust would be flexible enough to work for a wrap.  Well, it was!  This makes a wonderful wrap for anything from tacos, to sandwiches filled with your favorite meats, or sweeten it and make a dessert wrap! I'm loving this recipe.

To make sure it comes out flexible so you can roll it, just bake it until just done, but not browned at all. I do it in my toaster oven on the toast setting between light and medium.  Only takes a couple minutes and it's done.  If in the oven, you would have to watch it, and determine the time that works best. I have not done this in the oven. If you overdo it, have no fear! Just make pizza.  I stuffed my fillings pretty full today so I did not roll it up like a wrap, but if I had less filling in there I sure could have.  I'm thinking I should make up several of these ahead of time and keep them handy for quick lunches, pizzas, or whatever.  You can season in whatever different ways you choose.

For Taco Seasoned Wrap:
1/2 tsp. cummin
1/4 tsp. chili powder
1/8 tsp. each of onion and garlic powder

Mix well into dry ingredients, before adding wet ingredients.

Variations: You can try any seasonings of your choice to go along with whatever you are filling with.  Garlic powder and rosemary for Italian?  Or basil?  Whatever your fancy.  Be creative.

Original recipe for Thin Crust Pizza Crust:

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