Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Found this one as I was going through my MasterCook recipes.  I've just gotten a new laptop, which means transferring my cookbooks from my MasterCook into my MasterCook now installed on the new laptop.  Usually that's been a fairly easy task in the past but for some reason this time nothing worked.  Each time I closed it when I opened it again the cookbooks were gone.  I got a headache trying to figure it out.  Well I finally got them to stay put today, but I had to rename them in order to do so.  I'm just not a techie person, but I usually find a way if I keep trying!

Yet something good came out of it all.  I got reacquainted with some old recipes.  I thought for sure I had posted this one but I guess I didn't.  So here it is.  I hope you enjoy it.  I think, now, I'll have to make it again soon!


1/4 cup  coconut oil
1 red pepper -- sliced into strips
1 green pepper -- sliced into strips
1 yellow pepper -- sliced into strips
1 pound  Marketside coleslaw mix -- (any bag of cole slaw mix will do or shredded cabbage)
1/3 cup  coconut flakes -- (approximately, I used a handful)
1/3 cup  slivered almonds -- (approximately, or a handful)
2 tablespoons  curry powder -- (or to taste, I just shook it in, didn't measure)
1 cup  water
1 tablespoon  cornstarch OR 1 tbsp arrowroot powder
1 teaspoon  beef bouillon -- (gluten free and msg free)
1 teaspoon  blackstrap molasses
Liquid sweetener to equal 2 tbsp.
1 pound  lean ground beef -- browned and drained

In 20-inch stainless steel skillet, melt coconut oil.  Add red pepper, green pepper, and yellow pepper. Stir and fry on medium high heat for about 3 to 5 minutes.  Add coleslaw mix and cook, stirring until vegetables become tender.

Add coconut flakes and slivered almonds.  Stir in curry powder.  In measuring cup combine water, cornstarch OR arrowroot powder, beef bouillon, blackstrap molasses, and liquid sucralose.  Mix well and add to vegetables and stir together well.

Stir in ground beef, and cook, continuing to stir for about 5 more minutes.

                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

6 Servings/Per Serving: 375 Calories; 31g Fat (72.4% calories from fat); 16g Protein; 10g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber


  1. where did you find gluten and msg free boullion? Any idea where to find one that is also dextrose (corn syrup) free? Thanks so much

    1. You can get organic Better Than Bouillon beef base either locally if your store carries it, or at vitacost: It does not have corn syrup, but it does have maltodextrin in it, but it doesn't have all the other nasties.



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