Thursday, March 1, 2012


I haven't been blogging much lately.  Just been too busy with, well you know... life.  But, yeah, we're still eating, and I'm cooking and baking and recipe testing.  In fact I'm doing a little too much recipe testing, because I'm eating way more than I'm needing to eat because it all has to get eaten.  We're all on different diets here.  Hubby is on Weight Watchers and my son is on salt-restricted, low oxylate because of kidney stones.  Try to make a menu for the week for a family with all those differences!  It just doesn't happen sometimes.  I cook low carb.  They take away or add to what they want for themselves out of that.

I made these nachos out of the Cracker or Cereal Mix I did a video of some time ago.  I just added some Nacho Cheddar popcorn seasoning to the mix for some nacho cheese flavor.  They turned out pretty good.  My hubby enjoyed them also, but couldn't have too many because he's on WW.  Too bad.  *snicker*  I have to tease him.  When I'm eating my rich cream pies, which just don't fit in a low fat diet, I say, "sorry sweetie, not on WW" with a smile.  Maybe I'll convince him yet that low carb is great.  I don't know.  To each his own.

So anyway, if you need a salty snack, or just want something light, nutritious, and munchy and crunchy and aren't hungry for a whole meal, this is pretty good.

1 serving: 
77 calories
3 g protein
6 g fat
3 g fiber
0 g net carbs


  1. Looks great, Ginny - looks like the real thing.

    1. Thanks! Tastes pretty close too. Does the trick for me. :)

  2. do you put them in the microwave or in a pan?

    1. Hi,
      The recipe is at the link above for the Cracker and Cereal mix. They are made on parchment paper in the microwave.

    2. thx .. i'll try them today ;)

    3. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :)



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