Thursday, July 1, 2010

Easy Cracker/Cereal Mix

Very versatile.  This is from a recipe posted on the Bernstein Forum by Cathy.  I have since used many variations of it and especially like making cereal in the morning with it!  I think you'll love it!  You can do so many things with it and it's so quick and easy to make.  If I need a quick snack, I can throw this together in a minute and have some cheese and crackers.  Really handy when I need to take something with me when I have classes during the school year and lunch comes way too late!

So here's the video and the base recipe with nutrition info is below:

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                        Easy Cracker (Cereal) Mix

Recipe By     :Ginny's variations of original recipe from Cathy on Bernstein Forum
Serving Size  : 20 (2 TBS each)   Preparation Time :0:60
Categories    : Bread                           Breakfast or snack

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  1              cup  flax meal, Golden
  1              cup  almond meal
  1/2           cup  parmesan cheese

The ingredients are a base recipe that I start from.  Just mix all together and keep in a container.  Add seasonings of your choice or make them sweet by adding cinnamon and more Splenda to make into a cereal. Experiment with other flours or meals.  You can store this in a ziploc bag or plastic container in the freezer or frig, and when you want to use it just scoop out 2 TBS of the mix, add just enough water to make a ball of dough you can spread out.  You spray a piece of parchment paper, put the dough on it, spray some saran wrap and put on top and spread with your hands or roll it, until it's very thin and flat and then microwave for 1 minute.  Time may vary, but every time I do it, 1 minute works for me for them to come out just right.  This is different than the original recipe I got this from, so you will have to find which works for you.  I found that 2 TBS of water was way too much, and that 2 to 2.5 min. was way too long, so try the least first and add more if need be!

  "You can do many variations of this mix changing seasonings, doing half flax and half almond meal or other meal.  Can also use as cereal when sweetened and add cinnamon to it rather than savory seasonings."
                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Per Serving: 69 Calories; 4g Fat (52.1% calories from fat); 5g Protein; 4g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 2mg Cholesterol; 40mg Sodium.  Exchanges: 0 Grain(Starch); 1/2 Lean Meat; 0 Fat.

NOTES : Each serving is 2 TBS of mix.  If you add anything else to it add the carb count to that also.


  1. Would there be a sub for Parmesan cheese I could use? Cheese makes me itch! :)
    Thanks love ur blog c

    1. Sometimes people who cannot have conventional dairy (from cows) can have dairy products from sheep or goats. Most stores carry pecorino romano which is traditionally made from sheeps milk. Costco and Sams both carry a version made from sheeps milk. Read the labels, of course. But it worked for me when nursing my allergic little guy.

  2. Unfortunately, it's the cheese that makes it crisp and gives it the flavor. I have experimented with whey protein but did not get the same results. Sorry! I really don't know if there is another way to get the same results without dairy. If I find something, I'll post it. Thanks! Glad you are enjoying my blog. :)

  3. how many servings does this make?

  4. If you were to make these sweet, would you still use Parmesan?

    1. Yes, you don't taste the parmesan, it only adds to the crispiness and texture of the cracker.

  5. Ok cool thanks. Just about to give these a crack (pardon the pun) :)

  6. Just made these today - very nice! I made a savory one that I added some garlic powder & seasoning salt to - I buttered it while still warm. The next I added liquid stevia & cinnamon, buttered it a tad too - very yummy! Think I will be making these often :) Thx!

  7. So yummy!! I made a small batch just to make sure I like it- 2T of almond flour, 2T of flaxmeal, 1T parmesan, sprinkle of cinnamon, some drops of ez sweetz and I LOVE IT!!! I'm going to make the big batch for the fridge and use it when needed :) Thanks for another fabulous recipe!

    1. Wonderful! Glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I don't have a microwave. How long would I bake it for and at what temperature? Cheers!

  9. Sorry, I've only made them in the microwave so that's something you'll have to experiment with yourself I'm afraid.



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