Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chicken Salad Wrap

I've been eating lighter lately.  After creating desserts and testing desserts and eating LOTS of desserts, my body is telling me, "lighten up"!  So no desserts for me for a while, low carb or otherwise, not unless I have a place to take it and share any way.   My breakfast is simple, no bread--no nuts. I am finding I really don't need it.  I have my omelet in the morning and that keeps me all morning long.


1 can white Chicken meat (Valley Fresh is gluten free)
1 tbsp (approx. I didn't actually measure) extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp minced garlic
sprinkle with salt and pepper, and thyme.  (I didn't measure, just sprinkled).  Mix well and add some bacon bits.  Place on top of two romaine lettuce leaves.  Top with shredded cheese, wrap and eat.

This is pretty simple and I like it better than with mayonnaise.  I didn't have homemade mayonnaise and I'm really getting tired of the store bought with soybean oil or canola oil.  Actually this doesn't need mayonnaise.  It was pretty flavorful this way I thought.  I didn't enter this into my Mastercook and get a nutrition count, but there's nothing carby in it so I'm not concerned.  This was very satiating along with my rooibos tea with a tsp of coconut oil in it, and a protein shake with kefir and whey protein.  I am very satisfied without feeling heavy, full, and bloated.  I find if I have healthy fats and enough protein, I don't get hungry.  A lot less goes a lot farther.  I don't feel I need to eat for a long time.  Good thing too because I'm spring cleaning on my spring break!  I need the energy.  I even got my downstairs closet cleaned out finally! Yay me!

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