Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Pages

Well, I stumbled on the instructions for how to add pages to your blog, so I am beginning the task of adding pages for each category of my recipes so they will be easier to find.  So far I have Main dishes, Salads Sides and Soups, Breads and Sandwiches, and Sweet Things.  You can find it on the sidebar below My Archive. I will work on more later.  Shew! That took up pretty much my afternoon.  But I'm glad I finally know how to do this so it will be easier for people to browse the categories they want to find recipes.  I will continue to work on it!


  1. I love it, Ginny! I have not figured that out yet. I'd love to do that well. Good for you!

    1. I sort of stumbled on it looking for something else, ha!



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