Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh my! Apple Pie!

Yes, that pie has real apples!  And it's low carb!  How can this be?  This has been an experiment.  I fermented apples in kefir whey, which uses up all the sugar in them.  Then I added my own spices and sweeteners to the sugarless apples.  I am glad to report I found a way to have my apple pie and eat it too!  YES!  I do miss apples. Especially in the Fall when all the best apples come out.  Around here there are lots of apple orchards, and friends with apple trees giving away yummy apples and I have to turn them away.  NO LONGER!

My experiment was a success as far as how this affects my blood sugar. Today I ate a piece.  Here were my results...
Before: 101 mg/dl
1 hr. after: 117 mg/dl
2 hrs. after: 100 mg/dl

My bg has been higher than I like lately because I've been fighting off first a UTI, and then a respiratory virus.  Everything has been raising me too high, so this was really good.

I will post the recipe as soon as I tweak it some.  The crust is made of almond flour with a small amount of coconut flour.  This pie was not sweet enough. I should have thought to use twice the amount of sweetener since the apples themselves were no longer sweet.  It has a nice unique flavor with the fermented apples.  People will ask you, "What is in that?"  Ha ha.  It can be your little secret.  The apples were crisper than normal in a pie, so I think I will slice them thinner next time, and perhaps cook them somewhat before adding to the pie.

I'm very very excited!  Apple pie, apple cake, apple crisp... all back in my life again!!!  I've done the zucchini pie, etc. and it is good, but it's not apples.  This is apples.
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