Friday, July 2, 2010

Spiral Slicer

This is wonderful!  I just got my new Spiral Slicer a couple days ago and today had a chance to use it finally.  My only beef was that it did not come with any instructions.  Not that there was a lot to it, but I wanted to do it right.  I found a good demonstration video on YouTube and some ideas of what to do with it.  My main reason for getting it was to make angel hair pasta out of vegetables with it.  It's used a lot by raw food people, mostly, it looks like but I am all for finding some good raw food salad ideas for the summer to go with my low carb menu. Here's what I did with it today:

I just did the angel hair pasta slice for zucchini, and a little bit of carrot, added chopped Roma tomato, green onions, garlic, EVOO, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, and thyme.  Topped it with feta cheese.  On the side I have one of my crackers from the recipe I put up yesterday and some chopped deli turkey.  It made a very satisfying tasty lunch!  I love this machine! I'm going to try some different things with it. I can't wait to try out the zucchini angel hair with a marinara or Alfredo, or red pepper sauce. My mind's going wild! I am all for doing more salads this summer that do not have so much to do with washing and cutting lettuce.  I have grown tired of lettuce salads and am ready for some variety.  This does it for me.  


  1. First off, love your blog! Second, just purchased this little gaget and love it! It's a great tool to add some fun noodle recipes to a low carb diet. I'm trying to get creative and think of other uses for it, like making pretty toppers for salads etc. Have you made anything else with it?

  2. Thanks Trixie! And glad you are enjoying it! I have mainly used it for different variations of salads. I need to experiment a bit more with it!

  3. Okay, I'll keep an eye on your blog:)

  4. What a great looking dish.

  5. I assume you shred, then steam the noodles? :)

    1. You can steam them if you like, but not for long. It depends on what you are using them with. I usually just eat them raw in salads.

  6. Noodles with meat crumbs always sounds delicious and yummy :). For this purpose, I have got very special gadget that is HGE Spiralizer which help me in energizing my eating plan.



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