Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I haven't had a lot of time to post any new recipes lately.  Hopefully soon I will do that again.  I've been struggling with my blood sugar going higher than it used to, and my morning fasting blood sugar being higher which bothers me.  I guess I've been getting lax with actually counting my carbs and eating more than I should especially at family gatherings, eating out, pot lucks, etc.  I've decided that I need to go back to Dr. Bernstein's 6-12-12 and strictly count my carbs again.  I haven't done that for a couple years.  I guess it's catching up with me. I also have gone through the loss of a sister and a son (2006 and 2007), and after that it seems my motivation for strict control has diminished and I did good to control it as much as I did.  Fortunately, for me, cooking is therapeutic, so that helped me greatly.  If not, I probably would have eaten whatever was there, low carb or not.  My a1c has gone up from 5.5 to 5.7 since I last had it checked, which was in Ocotober, and I think if I had it checked today it would be higher than that.  I've had a lot of swings in the 300s lately after eating out.  I keep telling myself I just can't keep doing this to myself!

So for now I'm cutting out all wheat products for the most part, and even toying with the idea of fasting. I've been reading more about the intermittent fasting and it sounds interesting.  I'm wondering how much fasting has an effect on beta cells, insulin resistance, etc.  I'd like to find more info on this.  I'm wondering how long I can safely fast and what effect a long fast has on Type II diabetes.  I really hate diabetes!  But then, it probably has actually made me healthier in the long run since I've been forced to eat in a healthier way and keep my weight down etc.  Speaking of weight, I've been satisfied with my weight but I am also thinking maybe a 5 to 10 lb. drop would help lower the bgs too?  I don't know.  I've also been reading up on Mody on Jenny Ruhl's Blood Sugar 101 site.  I don't know if I have that type, some things make me think maybe, and other things make me think not.  I guess either way all I can do is stick to the low carbing!  I have remained low carb, but even in low carbing, you can eat too much!

I'm doing my T-Tapp walking DVD almost every day now and walking 1 to 2 miles once or twice a day also.  I notice it takes a lot more to bring down my bg after a meal than it used to.  T-Tapp used to bring me down pretty quickly and in fact almost too low sometimes.  Now it only brings me down half as much.  So I will be working on changing things again.

I'm taking my bg more often now again also, which I also was getting lazy at.  I need to see exactly how foods are affecting me at 1/2 hr. 1 hr. and 2 hrs. later.

I do have a recipe that has been a life saver to me, especially since I've finally given up my toast in the morning with breakfast.  For many years of my life my breakfast has been toast and egg with bacon bits and cheese.  I guess I'm a creature of habit. I never wanted to change it.  I like it.  When I went low carb I simply found a low carb bread (Brownberry's Carb Counting Whole Grain bread), which I cannot get anymore.  That seemed to do ok with me.  Not anymore rise than with anything else low carb.  But suddenly it is not in any of the stores anymore.  :(  Why do they do that?  So I went to a "Light" wheat bread that had the same amount of carbs and fiber, yet that one raised my bg higher.  So I have been making a cold cereal out of flax and almond meal that is so delicious!!!  Crispy, like any other cereal flakes, nutritious, and delicious.  I eat that with a one egg omelet with bacon bits and cheese, and no toast.  Or I make the same mix into a cracker which is nice and crunchy and put my egg and cheese on that which gives the same crunch satisfaction as the toast.  This same recipe I've used in different variations and it is so good!  Quick sandwich?  Just make a quick cracker out of it and top with deli meat and cheese.  Only a couple g. of carbs.

I have lots going on right now so as soon as I get a break I'll try to get a video up.  My other website needs some major work since I accidentally wiped out my home page on Saturday!  ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!  So I need to give that some attention also.  Also need to enjoy the beautiful weather while it's here!


  1. Have you shared that recipe for the cereal? I have never tried something like that.

  2. Not yet. I just put the recipe together in my MasterCook software tonight so I could get the nutrition info, and tomorrow I'm going to try to work on a video if all goes as planned. Never know in this family! ;) So one way or another I'll try to get something up soon as I can. Too good not to share! :)

  3. Sorry, crazy day, didn't have time for putting up a video today or for much cooking at all. It's on my priority list!



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