Sunday, March 31, 2013


For a loooooooooooooong time, I've been thinking about Mallo Cups.  Remember those?  I used to take my allowance and walk across the street every day during my lunch hour when I was in 6th grade and by a couple Mallo Cups and eat them.  Every day.  I wonder now how I made it through my growing up years with all the junk food I ate!  I lived on Twinkies, Mallo Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, Cheetos, and french fries, and don't forget the pizza.  I could tell you stories.  But I won't.  I'm thankful now for all the good HEALTHY foods I can enjoy instead.

So when my box came from LC Foods I was really looking forward to trying out the Brownies and the Marshmallow Fluff.  And it's not a Mallo Cup, but it's got the flavors of the chocolate and the marshmallow.
 So they sort of reminded me of the Mallo Cups.

Go here for the Brownie Mix. And here for the Marshmallow Fluff mix.

Follow the directions on the package for the brownies and pour the batter into 12 muffin tins. I used parchment paper liners.  I have a handy little gadget I picked up at a kitchen gadget store which worked well for the filling.
You just push it down into the center, turning it while doing so and then pull it up and you have a nice hole for the filling.
Save the portions your pull out to crumble over the top later.  Now make the Marshmallow Fluff.  All you need is water, egg white, and vanilla to add to the mix.  Follow the instructions on the package.  I used egg white in a carton and I'm not sure but I think probably it would have gotten thicker if I had used regular egg whites.  Not sure. Mine was more of a thick sauce than fluff even after sitting for a while.  But it was just right for these.  And it tasted phenomenal! Yes, it tasted like marshmallow.  A taste I have not had for a long time.
So just fill in the centers, and spread more on the tops of each one after centers are filled.  Crumble the center pieces you pulled out and sprinkle over the tops.

ENJOY!  Hubby tested and approved.  The brownies were not real sweet.  So if you like things less sweet, you'll love them as they are.  They were fudgy and just the way a brownie is meant to be.  I would personally add a little sweetener to my batter next time because I like sweet sweet when it comes to brownies.  But then when you add the marshmallow fluff to it they are just right anyway in the end.  Check out more of LC Foods products, many which are also gluten free.  It does say they are made in a facility that processes wheat, so if that is an issue for you, then you need to know that.  For me, though I am allergic to wheat, it seems I can have foods that have been processed in places that process wheat.  In fact my kitchen is a place that uses wheat.  My family still uses it.  I use ways to keep things clean for my own use, but so far it has not been a problem for me.

Eggs dyed with water from boiled onion skin! Check it out here!

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