Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cookies Galore!

Check out Carolyn Ketchum's low carb, gluten free, holiday cookie roundup! Wow!  Get ready to drool!  That is a lot of cookies!

Here are my two favorite cookie recipes:
Vanilla Creme Sandwich Cookies with Chocolate filling

And Mint Chocolate Chip:

I'm looking forward to 4 weeks of vacation from work now over the holidays.  Tomorrow will be my one last class to do.  It's always sad to say goodbye to some of the little ones at the end of a session, but always nice to look forward to a break also.  Some of them I will get to see again.  It's amazing how much they grow in 4 weeks at that age!

So I will be busy in the kitchen and have more time to bake I guess for the next few weeks.  Or will I?  Hmmm... somewhere in there my house needs some serious attention.

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