Sunday, March 7, 2010

How To Make Blanched Almond Meal

Doing low carb, you need alternatives to wheat when baking.  I use almond meal a lot in my baking, along with flaxmeal, and sometimes I use Carbalose and Wheat Protein Isolate.  I know many cannot tolerate wheat at all, so if you see a recipe with Carbalose or Wheat Protein Isolate, you can probably just use a almond meal, or flaxmeal or a combination of the two.  I haven't figured out yet if wheat protein bothers me.  I seem to feel no difference with or without it, and sometimes it really helps out, like in pizza crust!  I seem to be more bothered by the bran in wheat than the protein.  And my blood sugar seems to tolerate it, so I use it on occasion.  Some use coconut flour also, which I haven't tried yet.  I may try it some day, but all these flours are not cheap!  I try to save my baked goodies for the weekend.  If I have baked goodies every day, it is costly and it adds weight... yes even if it's low carb. 

Almond meal is pretty expensive if you buy it.  The best place to get it is Trader Joe's for $3.99 a lb.  But it's not blanched.  Some recipes you just have to have blanched for the best outcome.  So I used to blanch my own.  That was work!  I really worked for my bread!  Ha!  I found an easier faster way.  So the video below shows my method.  Seems everyone comes up with their own.  This is just mine.  Works best for me.

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