Friday, April 2, 2010

Update and Easter menu

Wow... thought I'd be doing more recipes this week being on Spring Break but had a surprise with a sore tooth that got worse and finally today got it pulled.  Not much into eating this week!  :p  But I have some time next week also so will try to get some more videos.  Got some things in mind.

This isn't food for the stomach but it is some great eye candy! I went to Macy's flower show in Minneapolis yesterday morning.  Just love to see those flowers this time of year! I got some pics  and hope you enjoy them! It was hard getting the right angles because there was a huge crowd there!  Trying to get great pics without people in them was difficult to say the least, and sometimes even getting close enough to take in the breathtaking scenery.  But I enjoyed it thoroughly!!  And on top of that I found a 5 qt stainless steel deep dish frying pan at Macy's on sale for $20!  Grabbed that one!  It was something that had been lacking in my kitchen.  Looking forward to trying out some recipes in that.

I'm looking the internet over this morning for some recipes for Resurrection Sunday!  I am planning on roasting a couple large chickens.  Mashed cauliflower to go with that and my green bean casserole which is pretty easy... I just stir fry french cut green beans in bacon grease and add bacon pieces and slivered almonds.  Think I'll add some onion to that this time.  Nobody in my family can do ham right now.  Got one on a low sodium diet and another who just got out of the hospital with ulcerative colitis.  We won't do the ham.  I'll make stuffing for the non-low-carbers in the house, mashed potatoes for them also.  (Just haven't been able to get them to like the mashed cauliflower even though I think it's great!) Probably a cake for dessert.  I am going to try that Easter Almond Cake Meme posted on the Bernstein Forum! Or I might do my zucchini cake and make a video of it.  It's so good that even the non-low carbers like it!

Well, hopefully my missing tooth won't keep me from enjoying a good meal.  I can still chew on one side anyway!  Been doing that for awhile now!  Oh yes, forgot... I want to make Lois Lang's Luscious Almond Bread which originally came from "Breaking The Vicious Cycle" also, maybe with some herbs added, like Rosemary?  Love Rosemary bread!  I've given it my own tweaks many times and have made banana bread and lemon poppy seed bread with this basic recipe.

Also intend to make heavenly eggs of course!  Bob doesn't like them, but the rest of us do, so we'll eat them.  And if nobody else does I know I will!  :)

Hope you all have a great weekend celebrating and good eats too!


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