Saturday, May 4, 2013


I tried another mix from LC Foods today! These muffins were so good!  My family loved them, and they are not low carbers.

I'm always a bit leery of trying new foods, especially claiming to be low carb and gluten free, because either they are not all that low carb, or they don't taste all that well.  Here is the nutritional info for these (except for my additions).  They are high in fiber. These had all the qualities I would look for in a muffin.  I filled each tin (12) to the top and had some batter left over so I made an extra big muffin with it.  I added freeze dried blueberries that  I found today at Trader Joe's.

I didn't add very many because they increase the carbs, but just 1/2 cup, plus about a cup of chopped walnuts. They were just right.

Very quick and easy to put together.  Just add butter, coconut oil, eggs, vanilla, and sour cream.
My hubby just said to me again, "Ginny that was really a good meal you made tonight."  I wasn't asking him how the meal was. But I keep hearing how good it was.  And he doesn't tell me that when he doesn't mean it.  He's the kind of husband that says, "I don't like this, don't ever make it again" if he doesn't like something.

I'm already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!


  1. Those look amazing and your Meatballs look yummy too! I recently made your french toast/texas toast! Oh my goodness you are a genius!

    1. LOL, good to see you! You are always a boost to my ego. ;)
      I'm going to have to make that French toast again. I've gotten several compliments on it.

  2. Ginny those muffins are "purty as a picture" and the roasted red pepper sauce with meatballs over cabbage noodles sounds like the bomb!!! You rock it sistah!



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