Sunday, September 16, 2012


I'm still doing things with the Brownie recipe!  This is pretty simple.  Just whip up a batch of the brownie recipe, place about 2 tbsp in each well of a whoopie pie pan, or if you don't have one, just use a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and make 12. Make the cream cheese filling which is from this recipe, for the Cream Cheese Danish, plop some in the middle, and bake.  I also used some of the cream cheese filling, which I had left over to try adding to my Donut Bun and made a glaze to drizzle over it.

If I did it again, I would spread more of the cream cheese on the top rather than a blob of it in the middle.  I had to microwave it longer which made the outside drier.  But it was tasty.  The glaze is simply 2 packets of truvia powdered in my coffee grinder, and about 1/2 tsp of cream stirred into it, or just enough to make it a drizzling glaze.  If you don't like Truvia, you can use any sweetener of your choice, about a tbsp, powder it in your coffee grinder, and add the cream.  I've made a great powdered sugar sub out of a combo of 1 part Splenda granular to 1/2 part xylitol, powdered.  Swerve would work great I'm sure if you have it as well. I've never used it though.

Just one more variation for you! I hope you enjoy it.


  1. And this is low carb?

    1. Yes it is. Nutrition is at the bottom of each recipe. I use low carb flours and sweeteners, so all my recipes are low carb and now gluten free as well.

  2. Great recipes! Yes, these are low carb because she is replacing the flour with things like almond meal or flax meal or flax seed and replacing sugar with a substitute. The other ingredients she uses have almost no carbs in them already.

    Keep 'em coming!


  3. Hi Ginny,
    I left a message on facebook too. Can I use anything in place of the xylitol? I have splenda, liquid, swerve, stevia blend, ertythrol on hand. Also, can you make a skim milk concotion from heavy cream and water. I have a recipe I have low carbed except for making the sf instant pudding and using milk. Thanks!! I am branching out from Jennifer's recipes :) I appreciate all the help and advice.

  4. Yes, Swerve would work well, I think in place of xylitol, or erythritol as well. I don't know about a skim milk concoction. I guess I have done that in places where it calls for milk, just doing half cream and half water, but it would depend on what you are using it for. Most of the time I use almond milk or coconut milk in place of milk in recipes. Hope that helps!

  5. What is the difference b/t a whoopie pie pan and a muffin tin? Can I use a muffin tin? Thanks!



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