Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Sorry my photography is not so good with these, but I was in a hurry to eat it!  Ha! I decided at the last minute to shoot a quick picture and blog it. No careful prepping or anything. But you get the idea anyway.  I hate putting up a recipe without a picture.

I'm really getting to like Nopalitos, even if they don't lower my blood sugar yet.  I'm still waiting to see if they do that.  I guess it can take a few times of eating them, which will be ok with me, cuz I like eating them.  I really liked them last night in my Beef Tamale Pie and I really liked them today in this omelet, which I had for lunch.  You can find Nopalitos in the Mexican section of the grocery store.  The ones I bought were in a 30 oz. jar.  I used left over taco meat.  You can use your favorite seasonings for tacos.


2 large  eggs
1/4 cup fiesta blend shredded cheese
1 teaspoon  coconut flour
Salt and pepper -- to taste
1/4 cup  taco meat
1/4 cup  Nopalitos (Mexican section of grocery)
2 tablespoons  chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup  lettuce -- (Optional)
1/4 cup  fiesta blend shredded cheese
2 tablespoons  green taco Sauce, Ortega-mild

In small bowl, whisk eggs until frothy.  Stir in cheese and coconut flour until well blended.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Pour batter into frying pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray or greased.  Cook on one side, carefully turn and cook on the other side until done.  Slide out onto plate.

In microwavable bowl, add taco meat, nopalitos, and chopped tomatoes.  Microwave for 1 minute.  Pour out onto omelet.  Top with lettuce and sprinkle with shredded cheese.  Pour Taco sauce on top and fold over.

                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1 Serving: 490 Calories; 36g Fat (67.4% calories from fat); 32g Protein; 6g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber


  1. So are the Nopolit0s in this recipe from a can (as you said they were from the Mexican section of the store)?

    1. They were in a jar, I believe 30 oz. if I remember right. I got them at Walmart.

  2. I can understand being in a hurry to eat. Happens to me a lot and I groan that I still have to take the photo first. :) Omelets are such a staple on the low-carb WOL - this looks delicious!

    1. Ha ha, yes, the food bloggers life... picture first! ;) I love omelets. You can make so many different types of meals any time of the day with them.



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