Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ham and Cheese English Muffin Sandwich

I tried Jennifer's english muffin today.  Boy was it good!  Yes, definitely a break through!  She is a genius when it comes to these things.

This tastes, feels, butters, and looks like an English muffin from the old days.  I may even try them on my husband.  He loves his English muffins every day... several times a day, for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Here is what they looked like before toasting, right out of the microwave:

Looks like an English muffin doesn't it?  :)  Yep, and I liked that it was soft the texture was great.  I am thinking they would make a great hamburger bun also, untoasted even.  Either way, I like them.  They toast so nice and are crispy, like real toast and butter like real English muffins.  Well, they are "real" English muffins, and better, in my book, than the store bought wheat kind any day.  Thanks Jen for another great one!!  I had to share my review of them.  Too good not to.

Made a really nice ham and provolone cheese sandwich today for my lunch...

I think they'd be great for mini pizzas.  I think that may have to be the next thing I use them for.  It's going to be my breakfast tomorrow morning with egg, bacon and cheese.

Recipe on Jennifer's blog:


  1. Cool. I just spotted your post, Ginny. You are so sweet. Thank you so much. I'm happy you like it. Hey, you're no slouch either. Your recipes are wonderful and you've made similar things. (((HUGS)))



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