Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Diabetic Cookery: Recipes and Menus

What a find! Had to share it!  A friend on another forum pointed me to these links of online recipe books from 1917.  It has things like thickening sauces with egg yolks instead of flour.  It comes from back in the day before the ADA told people with problems metabolizing sugar and carbs, to eat more sugar and carbs I guess. 

Here is the pdf format: http://ia600301.us.archive.org/1/items/diabeticcookeryr00oppeiala/diabeticcookeryr00oppeiala.pdf

I intend to spend some time in it, as soon as I get over some of my digestion issues that is!!  I've been frustrated lately with not being able to eat much because whatever I eat feels like it sits in my stomach like a rock.  I am dealing with nausea, stomach pain, no appetite, and not having much fun, and not doing much cooking, so sorry I just have not been posting many recipes because of it.  After going through a horribly hot summer, we are finally having some beautiful sunny days with low dew points and 70's.  It's been as low as 40 at night actually!  We're enjoying having our windows open again.  So now that it's cool enough to feel like cooking and baking again, my stomach is just not up to it.

I suspect I have an ulcer and am treating it with oil of oregano, aloe vera juice, kefir, and L-Glutamine which I've discovered is excellent for healing the mucosal lining in the stomach.  I am feeling better, somewhat already, but the hardest part of it all is giving up my morning coffee.  *Sigh*  In fact I haven't yet.  I had one small cup compared to the 3 large mugs I usually have every morning.  I guess I have to give it up for a while and get my stomach back.  Today it was peppermint tea to bring to work with me and chamomile tea at night.  I'm hoping to have some good recipes coming once again soon.  I'm also back to work for the school year.  Busy time for me!  But one has to eat, busy or not, right?  Oh yes.  Must have lots of good low carb, gluten free things on hand, quick and easy to prepare.

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