Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sally Fallon on butter and more...

Oh happy day when I found out Butter is good for me.  It was sort of like finding coffee and chocolate were good for me.  When I think of the foods I'm "deprived of" being on this WOE, the rich foods I can have so far outweigh them! I remember starving on a low fat, low calorie diet, longing for real food that tasted good, instead of diet margarine, skim milk, egg beaters etc.  Take the fat out, take the taste out!  I remember how scared I was at first eating real fat when I went on a low carb way of eating.  I remember also how surprised I was when I began to rapidly lose weight and all the while doing that feeling full and satisfied, and no longer craving sweets.  Don't get me wrong, I do love my sweets and occassionally bake myself a treat.  But I don't HAVE to have them.  I don't CRAVE them in a way that I cannot resist them, thinking about them all day until I finally just have to give in.  That was what it was like for me before going low carb.  I was ALWAYS hungry, always craving, and always feeling bloated and fat besides.  And while on that low fat, low calorie diet I also gained weight actually.  I remember how out of control I felt starving and gaining weight.  I thought I was destined to just get fatter and fatter and more miserable feeling besides.

I found this video by Sally Fallon, "The Queen of Butter".  She is the author of Nourishing Traditions.  Also take a look at some of her other videos on YouTube.


  1. LOL Neat! Did you notice her skin how lovely and moist and pretty it is? Fat does that! :)

  2. Yes! When I was eating low fat my skin was so dry and I was getting more lines. I've noticed a big improvement since eating a higher fat diet.



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