Friday, November 5, 2010

Thinking about Thanksgiving

It's always a challenge to stay really 6-12-12 Bernstein friendly for me at Thanksgiving.  I do low carb, and have several low carb sides for myself (and whoever else wants to try them), but I don't count to make sure I stay at 12 grams of carbs for the meal.  I'm asking myself if I think I can do that this year.  Well, I'm not sure, but at any rate I do have to stay with the no wheat thing.   I'm looking at lots of recipes lately, to see what my menu will be.  I found this one a little while ago which is gluten free--Oven Baked Stuffing.  Looks good.  I do have the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle and have made the bread and it's great.  I've come up with a few variations for it also and have made it into lemon poppy seed bread, banana bread, and mixed flaxmeal and almond meal together with it.  So I think if I decide to have stuffing for myself I may do this one.  I also made a butternut and cheyote squash dish last week that was a hit at our house which will definitely replace the sweet potato casserole I used to make.  I'll post that one when I make it.  Maybe, if I'm really organized and get it together, I'll make a video.  We'll see.  So I'm still browsing for ideas.  I have a really good recipe I've been using the last 2 years or more of spicy cranberry sauce.  My mouth is starting to water!

I know my day will consist of a long walk after the meal, or if the weather isn't good enough for that, a T-Tapp session. 

My favorite very simple vegetable dish, thanks to my boss, who brought this to a potluck at work last year, is asparagus, which I quick steam for just 3 minutes, then plunge into a ice water bath and let cool.  Pat dry and lay on a cookie sheet, and drizzle with EVOO, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and garlic powder to taste.  I don't have amounts.  I just drizzle and sprinkle to what looks good.  Toss it all together and chill.  Very easy and you can do in the morning and then it's ready to just serve on a nice platter along with some cherry tomatoes or other raw veggies.

So we'll see what else I add to the menu.  I'm still pondering and looking and contemplating.  And one of my requirements for everyone at my table will be that as long as it takes me to put this meal together is how long everyone has to sit at the table and s-l-o-w-l-y enjoy it!  There's much to be thankful for.  Life has had its hardships, and its grief, and there's always something to worry about, but just think what it would be like if every day we thought of all the good things, and all the things we were thankful for, and only one day a year we set aside to grump and complain about all the negative!  Ha!  I think we should practice some thanksgiving every day.  It would keep us all a lot healthier and reduce our stress.

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