Sunday, May 23, 2010

Helps during my virus

Just want to share some of the things that have been helpful to me through this virus, which I'm still getting over.  It was a doozie!  What normally has prevented, or reduced a cold for me, is to right away, as soon as I feel the slightest symptoms coming on, begin to take 15 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in my Green tea 3x/day,2817701000.jpg plus making myself a nasal wash and/or nasal spray, which is made of distilled water warmed baby bottle temp, with a 1/4 tsp. sea salt, and 1/4 tsp. baking soda and 1 to 3 drops of GSE.  The neti pot works well for this if you have one but if you don't, you can spend a dollar on a bottle of water that has a nozzle on the top.  Put the solution in that, and bend over your bathroom sink looking down into the sink, then turn your head to the right or left, insert the nozzle in one side of your nose and squeeze gently, letting the water run from one side through and out the other side into the sink.  After half way through blow your nose (lots of stuff comes out!) and turn to the other side and repeat until you use it up.  This has in the past prevented my colds from ever getting worse than those initial coming on symptoms or has greatly reduced my symptoms and gotten me over it quickly.  This time however, this virus resisted and got very bad and NOTHING worked at first but now this routine is helping me get over the sinus infection that followed anyway.  To this solution this time I added 1/2 tsp. of MSM powder, and 1/2 tsp. of xylitol which is also anti-bacterial.  It has worked to cure ear infections and you can buy nasal washes with that and GSE in it.  But it's cheaper to make it yourself.  And I'm cheap!

Another thing that has greatly helped me is Earl Grey tea which has bergamot in it.  It didn't cure me, but was very soothing and very good tasting!  Other teas of course, green tea and chammomile, are old standbys for me.  I drank all of them a lot and 3x/day added my GSE drops to them.

Oil of Oregano Oreganol P73is another natural antiviral/antibiotic/antifungal that I'm now taking in place of the GSE as I'm recovering from this sinus infection.  I can't use antibiotics, unfortunately without getting sicker from them and some I've become allergic to or had very severe reactions to.  I'm scared of them now!  So I was forced to find something natural to use in cases like this.  Colloidal Silver is very controversial but I make my own and use that also and I can say I used it 3x/day for about a year with no side affects, didn't turn grey, and it only gave me good results for my health, helping me recover from a bedridden illness of CFIDS/FM.  That's part of my arsenal now against sickness.  I've made a nasal spray with that also using it with a small amount of msm.

Homemade chicken soup of course is one of my favorite remedies which I add a lot of tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper to!  I'll have to do a recipe for that sometime, when I'm more up to cooking again.

A great book "Finding Peace in Life's Storms", by Charles Spurgeon, was also great therapy for my spirit and soul during this time.  I think anyone who reads it will find it a blessing!

I have been doing T-Tapp for my exercise. But of course being sick I put that on hold.  Last night I did a session of T-Tapp with my T-Tapp Walking video and after I noticed how much better I felt!  My sinuses were clear and I felt a greater sense of well-being over all.  T-Tapp is very lymphatic, so my guess is that it is a great help and I will be sure to do it daily now to help me recover from this!  It helps your body push lymph through your system and so to rid the body of toxins and I'm sure strengthen your whole immune system.

So these are some of my "recipes" for cold and flu, and I don't know if they'll help you or not, but I thought I'd share.  All in all, this too shall pass.  I'm looking forward to feeling good again!  It's been a drag being sick.  I hope to never get this one again!


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