Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm still trying out some products I got from LC Foods. This one was from the low carb and gluten free pancake mix.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I first made the pancakes.  They are the best low carb pancakes I have yet tasted! They really are.  Last night I decided to try using the mix to make a jelly-filled donut.  I used to eat jelly filled donuts for breakfast back in my pre-low carb days and pre-wheat free days, and before I was diagnosed with diabetes.  Not all the time but they were my favorite once in a while treat.  So now I can make a healthy jelly-filled donut, that is an entire breakfast with no sugar or wheat! You can find the nutrition info for the pancake mix here. It is mostly fiber, so only 2 net carbs per serving. 
So for breakfast I used my GT Xpress once again (love that gadget!) and followed the directions using 1/2 cup of the mix, and split the batter in half, putting half in each side of the GT Xpress, and baking in there for 12 minutes.  Came out like this:

Then I took some sugar-free strawberry jam (1 tsp) and mixed with a couple tsp. of a sugar-free strawberry glaze I had...

I put that into my injector I just bought from Walmart:
And I poked a hole in the center and filled it. 
And topped it with some melted coconut oil and powdered sweetener.  This with a couple strips of bacon was my breakfast this morning.  What a treat!

For lunch I decided to use the other one as a sandwich bread.  Not everyone would like a sweet sandwich bread, but if you like making sandwiches out of pancakes, you'll like this.  
I think it would go great for a breakfast sandwich also with some sausage and egg and topped off with syrup if you please.  Or how about a Monte Cristo? Yum!  Lots of possibilities.  

So anyway, definitely 2 thumbs up for this mix! I'm already thinking of an idea for a breakfast casserole. 


  1. Hmmmmmm.... I wonder how waffles would be - - I am thinking about a Belgian waffle with HWC and fresh berries......

  2. I am curious about your experience with the baking mix. I had read good reviews of bakesquick and carbquick, and bought both. Tried bakesquicj once and had a strong negative reaction to the smell and flavor, which has made me gunshy to try the carbquick. Would love to have a viable option for special meals such as your gorgeous jelly doughnuts above! Thanks!

    1. I've used it twice so far, once for just regular pancakes, and this way in the GT Xpress. I've used Carbquick, and did not care for it at all. Some things were ok with it but have not tried other bake mixes. I've just made my own or used Jennifer Eloff's homemade bake mix. This has a really good flavor. It is sweetened, so you can't use it as any bake mix, like you would Carbquick or Bisquick. It's a pancake mix, not a "bake mix." I like it a lot for that!

  3. Ginny, you come up with the best ideas!

  4. Hey Ginny,

    Keep on with the LC Foods products - most of them are outright amazing, the rest are only "great"!

    We stock and use a lot of them day to day and they are fantastic.

    We do a lot of recipes and reviews on their stuff and love making crazy stuff with their products (Maple syrup french toasted banana bread anyone?)



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