Saturday, July 16, 2011

Raspberry Coconut Milk Sherbet

We are having 110 degree heat index today.  Just the right weather to want to eat nothing but ice cream or sherbert or anything cold.  This was pretty simple to put together.  I put it together around noon and left for the county fair.  When I got home I ran it through my ice cream freezer and it didn't take long at all.  It was very good right away to eat.  Just the right consistency for me.  Very smooth and creamy.  It hit the spot!

Raspberry Coconut Milk Sherbet

Serving Size  : 6  

0 .3 ounces  raspberry flavored gelatin, sugar free
       dash  salt
1/2  cup  artificial sweetener -- (I used 1/4 cup xylitol and 1/4 cup Splenda for this)
1 cup  boiling water
2 cups  coconut milk -- (unsweetened)
1 tablespoon  dry red wine

Dissolve the gelatin in the boiled water.  Stir until dissolved.  Add remaining ingredients except the red wine, and mix well with a wire whisk.  Cover and refrigerate until well chilled.

When chilled whisk it again and follow your instructions for your ice cream maker.*

About half way through the freezing process in the ice cream maker, add the dry red wine while it is still churning.  Continue to process until it's done. Serve soft-serve or freeze until it ripens more.

* If you don't have one, freeze it in ice cube trays and then put through your food processor when it is mostly frozen but still slightly soft.

  "3 cups"
                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Per Serving: 242 Calories; 19g Fat (78.2% calories from fat); 8g Protein; 4g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber

NOTES : Nutrition info is determined without counting the sweeteners.  Use what sweeteners you like and figure it in to the carbs.  If you use no calorie and carb sweeteners, then it is 2 net carbs per 1/2 cup.


  1. I like the taste, but also like the low carb ice creams that I make, it gets very hard once it's stored in the freezer. I have to remember to store this in smaller serving size cups, so I can pop in the microwave to soften it up when I'm ready to serve. Thanks for this recipe Ginny!
    ☺ Sandi

    1. Yep, I always just microwave it a few seconds or let it sit out while we eat supper, any time I make ice creams or sherbets. Usually best when eaten right away!

  2. if you don't have an ice cream maker, do you just add the wine before putting it in the ice cube tray? or when you put it in the blender?

    1. I have never done it without an ice cream maker so I guess if I were to do it with ice cream trays yes I would just add it with all the ingredients before mixing together.

  3. Could you substitute almond milk for coconut?

    1. I haven't tried it but you probably could. It may not turn out with the same texture as mine did. If you try it let me know how it works!

  4. Is it necessary to add the red wine?

  5. Do you have to add the wine? And if you don't will the xarb amount change?

  6. Is the alcohol necessary or could you omit it?

  7. What can i substitute the red wine with or can i omit it
    thanks to make it diabetic friendly

  8. Well it will be a little less carbs without the wine. I have only made it this way so I can't really say how it will turn out any other way, but feel free to experiment. I think the alcohol helps keep it softer.

  9. I dug out my ice cream maker! :)

    Do you use canned or refrigerated coconut milk?



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