Friday, January 17, 2014


I first began this blogging journey back in March of 2010, and it's been a challenge, an adventure, and a blessing to me.  I was surprised when people actually started reading it and subscribing to it, as it was only a hobby, which I had no idea so many others would enjoy!  I came across some opportunities through it, ended up writing a cookbook, and meeting some great people out there.

But alas, some changes are happening in my life right now.  First of all, I'm retiring in just 3 more weeks!  My job in Early Childhood Family Education has been a fun job, working with the cutest little people and again, meeting a lot of great people both as co-workers and the families that come to the program!  But for various reasons, I decided this year was the year for me to retire.  I've been tossed back and forth about what turn my life will take now.  I considered making this blog my career. Up to now it's only been a hobby.  I don't make any money from this blog.  I thought about writing more cookbooks.  But I have other things tugging at my heart that I am being drawn to, so after going back and forth and up and down with this for over a year, I've made the decision that the food blogging is not going to be my career, or what I will be putting all my time into.

I will be leaving the blog up for people to enjoy any recipes they like, and I also will probably still post a new one now and then if I happen to have one.  I still cook and eat!  But I won't be regularly active in that.  My facebook page is also still there and will continue to be there for people to get recipes from but I won't be keeping it up regularly either.

I'm excited about new directions I feel God is taking me right now, and not completely sure where the road will lead, but I believe there's a new adventure ahead, and I'm trusting Him to lead me.

I am blessed by all who have stopped by my blog, enjoyed my recipes, and commented.  Happy low-carbing! :)

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